Wellness takes many forms, and any self-care is a giant step in the right direction. For this reason, we frequently refer patients for other integrative therapies to expand self-care, enhance wellness and increase quality of life. Through our collaboration, we have witnessed the speed and depth of healing that takes place when a person attends to all levels of his/her wellbeing.

Think of your wellness team as tools in a toolbox (ideally assembled before you have a specific need for the contents), each with a different skill set, able to offer precisely the right assistance at just the right time.

Mary Maisey-Ireland
Personal & Business Coaching


Whether you are seeking to fulfill a few specific goals, to organize a project, or to completely overhaul and realign your life, a coach is a powerful ally and committed partner for success ... as you define it. Through a series of conversations (and assignments), we will map out the journey from here to there in small, specific steps with timelines.

Working with a coach is different from talking with a friend or relative. It can be difficult to explore our dreams with the people who know us. They are invested in their dreams and desires for us, and their history with us. By contrast, a coach has one agenda: helping you get more of what you want.

Heather Graf
Revival Therapy


Heather is trained in a wide variety of hands-on therapies.

Craniosacral Therapy using gentle hand placements to encourage your own natural healing mechanisms to dissolve the negative effects of stress on your central nervous system. It is especially effective for those with headaches, neck or back pain, TMJ, TBI or spinal cord injury, or if you are feel awkward about regular massage.

Swedish Relaxation Massage and Deep Tissue Massage are also available, for those who appreciate the lifting and kneading of their muscles to release knots, lactic acid build-up, and overall tension.

Manual Lymph Drainage is a technique which promotes increased lymphatic flow and decrease congestion throughout the trunk and limbs. Anyone can benefit, and it is especially beneficial to those who need frequent clearing or who are in / have been in a lymphedma program.

Private-pay occupational therapy services and/or adaptive equipment recommendations are intended to help clients return to their daily activities of life as quickly and completely as possible.